August 18, 2009

1st blog! (Family Trip w/pictures!)

Yeah finally "down time" to write a blog :D So last week about this time I was headed up to Jackson Hole Wy. with my family! Our trip took us there, bar j wranglers, and also to yellowstone! It was totally a blast! We saw bears at yellowstone! that was just awesome! when we when to bar j it started to rain on us...that wasnt too bad so then the hale started to come! and boy oh boy did that hurt! All in all it was a great trip...on the way home i was being a smarty and as we drove past the jackson hole airport mom saw a airplane on the strip and took dads camera up to see which one it was and i being the smarty said something (cant remember) and mom called me a dork! my own mother! lol it was extreamly funny! couldnt stop laughing for awhile!

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