July 26, 2012

Disneyland and a New me

So the Monday before heading to Disney Land I got my hair cut and highlighted :) I LOVE IT! Might end up keeping it this way. I had a blast at Disneyland with my aunt, uncle and cousin. It was a great experience I won't forget. It was worth it! I got to spend some special time with my cousin. Those are some great memories that I'll truly enjoy through out the rest of my life. If we could go again I would love it. At one point I was to the point of I could careless about going to Disneyland but I'm grateful for the the chance I was able to go.

January 12, 2011


Its been a while since I've blogged. One day I'll get better at this.

A quick up date....I met a few nice guys, and one not so nice the past year. One of them I really liked but it just wasn't meant to be I guess. In July my loving grandpa Jack passed away. I have great memories of the last few times I was able to see him. The night before his funeral my family and I was in our hotel room and I did see him. His spirit talked to mine and told me that he is back with grandma and if I ever need either one of them just to speak. I've know that I would never be alone but its just nice to know that they are here with me when ever I may need someone to talk to.

I also recently started my own page on Facebook for my jewelry I make. Just wish there would be some way to get more people on it, but I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much right now.

Some point last summer I decided to go back to school. I started this past week and I'm going into early childhood which is Preschool-3rd grade, but I'm aiming at kindergarten. I love those kids and at that age you really can see what they are learning.

I'm excited for February to come around this year! I'm going to Disney Land with my Uncle Gordon and Aunt Lynn, and Christina (not sure if thats spelled it right but I will fix it if its not). If only we could skip the 14th I would be happy. I've never been a big fan of Valentines day (well when I was younger was totally a different story).

Guess that is all for now, must get ready for my class :)

December 16, 2009

My "bucket" list for 2010 (things I want to do in 2010"

So I'm at work bored out of my mind, it's a slow day :) so I decided to write down some things I would like to do in the new year! So here it goes =)
  1. Meet some of my family (those I haven't yet met)
  2. Learn to ski!
  3. Learn how to drive stick shift (just so I can say I know how lol)
  4. Take my vitamins daily (we shall see how long I do that)
  5. Write more poems :)
  6. Get my poems published!
  7. Become closer to my Heavenly Father
  8. Enjoy life for what it brings me and not what I think it should.
Ok just a few things till I think of more =)

August 18, 2009

1st blog! (Family Trip w/pictures!)

Yeah finally "down time" to write a blog :D So last week about this time I was headed up to Jackson Hole Wy. with my family! Our trip took us there, bar j wranglers, and also to yellowstone! It was totally a blast! We saw bears at yellowstone! that was just awesome! when we when to bar j it started to rain on us...that wasnt too bad so then the hale started to come! and boy oh boy did that hurt! All in all it was a great trip...on the way home i was being a smarty and as we drove past the jackson hole airport mom saw a airplane on the strip and took dads camera up to see which one it was and i being the smarty said something (cant remember) and mom called me a dork! my own mother! lol it was extreamly funny! couldnt stop laughing for awhile!